All Results: AUS-X Open

The SX1 and SX2 results from Australia

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The biggest supercross race that has ever been run on Australian soil, the AUS-X Open, was run in the Marvel Stadium in Melbourne over the weekend. It was a chaotic night as the event was the final FIM Oceania Supercross Championship round as well as the last stop on the Australian Supercross Championship calendar. There was a lot to follow! What happened? SX1 and SX2 results are below.

SX1 Australian Standings
SX2 Australian Standings
SX1 Oceania Standings
SX2 Oceania Standings
SX1 Overall Classification
SX2 Overall Classification
SX1 Main Event Three
SX1 Main Event Two
SX1 Main Event One
AUS vs. USA Relay
SX2 Main Event Three
SX2 Main Event Two
SX2 Main Event One
SX1 Super Pole
SX1 Last Chance
SX2 Last Chance
SX1 Heat Two
SX1 Heat One
SX2 Heat Two
SX2 Heat One
SX1 Qualifying
SX2 Qualifying
SX1 Time Practice
SX2 Time Practice

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: AME Management

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